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Tom Donovan Tattoos, Three Convenient Locations
Biloxi Ink: (228) 385-3343 Black Dragon Tattoo: (228) 436-9726 Great American Tattoo: (228) 206-0310
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Tom Donovan Tattoos has three locations in Mississippi to satisfy all your inked expression needs. The Gulf Coast is a melting pot of artistic taste and style; whether your first or hundredth tattoo, we will help you tell your story and express yourself. Our studios are equipped to produce the highest-quality artwork by experienced and talented artists. We’re highly selective about our staff, and we only employ professional and friendly artists who will bring your ideas to life. You’ll find that many of our artists work with a variety of mediums other than ink. If you need a tattoo, piercing or artwork for your home or business, stop in and see us today.


With decades of experience, our artists have made a habit out of proper practices and procedures elevating our reputation on the Gulf Coast. If you’re getting your first tattoo we’re here to provide you with knowledge and care to avoid any issues. On the other hand, if you are getting tattooed again, we will still have you leaving any of our three locations satisfied and wanting to come back for more! If you can dream it, we can illustrate it for you on your skin.


Our professional body piercing artists are licensed professionals with the Mississippi State Department of Health who operate in clean, well-kept studios. Whether you need a traditional or unique area of your body pierced, our staff will diligently prep, pierce and advise you on proper care as it heals. We can also perform stretching and dermal piercings, if desired. Contact us if you are looking for specific jewelry for your current pierced areas.


Many of the employees at Tom Donovan Tattoos are visual artists that study a variety of mediums other than ink. Tom Donovan is an avid painter whose scenes range from pet portraiture to fantastical scenes of war and mythical creatures. Samples of his work can be viewed instore and online. Message us for pricing information and view our portfolio to see some of our latest work.

Tattoo Artist A

Tom Donovan

As the owner of all three locations, Tom has been mastering his craft of bringing multi-dimensional works to life for decades. He considers his work to be a progressive expression of the changing tides of the art.
Tattoo Artist B

Travis Wade

Black Dragon
With 14 years experience tattooing, Travis is a true artist on canvas or skin. His vibrant works of art can be seen in the shop or on his many loyal clients.
Tattoo Artist C

Timmy Tucker

Biloxi Ink
Timmy is born and raised in Biloxi and is an enthusiastic creator of body art who loves the outdoors. He participates in several local conventions, including Inkin the Coast, and more.
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